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    Saab 340/2000

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    Saab 340/2000 Information

    The Saab 2000 is one of the fastest turboprop aircraft, with seating for up to 50 passengers.

    The Saab 2000 is one of the fastest turboprop airplanes in existence and it is a stretched version of the Saab 340. The Saab 2000 seats 50 passengers and the Saab 340 seats 33 passengers comfortably. The pressurized and air-conditioned cabin with stand-up headroom, ample in-cabin stowage and quiet engines offer optimum passenger comfort.

    Saab 340/2000 Specifications

    Max Capacity
    H: 6 ft 8
    Max Height
    360 cu ft.
    Max Baggage

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